Dark Seed Credits (Amiga)

Dark Seed Amiga Title screen #1


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Dark Seed Credits


Executive ProducersPatrick Ketchum, Rolf Klug, Jean Klug
ProducersPaul Drzewiecki, Mike Dawson
DesignersMichael Cranford, Mike Dawson
ProgrammerMichael Dimambro
Musical ScoreGregory Alper
MusicMatt Nathan (at the Dreamers Guild)
Sound EffectsMatt Nathan (at the Dreamers Guild)
Art DirectorBernd Brummbaer
Assistant Art DirectorPaul Drzewiecki
Dark World ArtH. R. Giger
Computer ArtistsJulia Ulano, Joby-Rome Otero, Paul Ryan
Game TextMichel Horvat

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16121)