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ST/Amiga Format (Feb, 1989)
Galdregon's Domain is similar to the infamous Dungeon Master, but is set aside from the rest by its great graphics and atmospheric sound. You'll be wandering the territory for ages. And with a Galdregon II promised, you just know what you'll be doing every night for the next decade. It's a great game and well worth the challenge. You'll be hearing a lot more about Galdregon's Domain from now on.
Galdregon's Domain doesn't really make full use of the Amiga's potential. The graphics are OK, if a little limited, but the possibility for sound effects has been severely missed, relying on standard sampled grunts, groans and clunks.
Zzap! (Apr, 1989)
I’ve been waiting for this with baited breath ever since I first heard about it last year. Is it as good as I expected? Erm... no, not really. I was hoping for something with interactive graphics, nifty icons and brilliant first person perspective 3D. OK, so it hasn’t got those, but it has got some substantial gameplay: a huge game map, plenty of characters and lots of magic. It’s pretty hard to get into, though, so I reckon it’s been designed to appeal more to specialised RPG freaks than your average arcade player. If you’ve got an A500 and you just can’t wait for your own version of Dungeon Master, don’t rush out and buy this straight away. Keep calm, take a deep breath and try it first.
Commodore User (Mar, 1989)
Normally I like this kind of game, but I could not help getting really bored after about thirty minutes of play. There just is not enough variation in the game to make it lasting, which I remember is exactly the same problem with Dungeon Master. Maybe the next one will be fun. Let us hope so.
Die Programmierer haben bei GALDREGON‘S DOMAIN eindeutig Schwerpunkte bei der grafischen und soundtechnischen Aufmachung des Programms (übrigens ist die Titelmelodie ebenfalls sehr gut) gesetzt und dabei offensichtlich den Spielwitz und die Komplexität vernachlässigt. Hier sollte jeder selbst wissen, ob er dies akzeptiert. Ich finde, GALDREGON‘S DOMAIN ist keine große Herausforderung mehr für Leute, die bereits diverse Bard‘s Tales oder Ultimas gelöst haben. Eher möchte ich es Rollenspieleinsteigern empfehlen, die so das Spielprinzip dieser Programme erlernen können, um später bei richtigen Herausforderungen (Dungeon Master z.B.) bestehen zu können. Wer also die grafische Präsentation eines Programmes in den Vordergrund stellt, der liegt bei GALDREGON‘S DOMAIN richtig. Wer jedoch einen komplexen Rollenspielhammer erwartet hat, den muß ich leider enttäuschen!