Defender of the Crown Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen
Interactive Movie: cast
Choose your character.
Meeting Robin.
Monthly statistics about the island of Britain
The game map
Engaging in combat.
One of the various random events
Tournament it is!
Good turn up today
The arena
A Norman castle in the middle of the night
Attempting to enter the castle.
I want that gold!
Laying siege to a castle.
Yeah, I suck...
Title screen
The cast
Choose a character.
A meeting with Robin Hood
Your status
Choose what to do next.
Raiding in the middle of the night.
The first group of sentries
Inside the castle
Trumpet song
The tournament begins.
The joust
Attacking a castle.
Knock that wall down.
A princess rescued.
Text shown after saving your girl from the Normans for the second time.
The Greatest Treasure
New Respect
The beautiful Saxon damsel Katherine
The Saxon lady Anne
The love scene after you rescue a Saxon Maiden.
The Saxon lady Rebecca
The shadow of our two lovers smooching Saxon style.
Laying siege to a Norman Castle.