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Dragon's Lair (Amiga)

Dragon's Lair Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Dirk The Daring finally reached Singe's castle.
Moat was full of some purple creatures but it didn't scare Dirk off.
He knew his goal...
He was supposed to find Daphne.
He was looking everywhere.
Even in the underground tunnels...
... that were flooded.
He was looking for her in the kitchen.
He was even tasting some stuff...
... to figure what Singe could have done to her.
Finally he reached a room that might look like a step in the right direction.
At the end there was a guardian...
... but eventually he was defeated.
It looked like only one riddle left...
... and there was the bedroom which happened to be just another trap.
Behind another door there was a room full of treasure.
And there was also Daphne...
... sleeping trapped in a crystal ball.
Dirk grabbed the sword.
Killed the dragon...
... and smashed the crystal ball...
... releasing Daphne.