Dune Screenshots (Amiga)

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Paul Atreides.
Main hall in the palace.
Duke Leto Atreides, your father.
Lady Jessica, your mother.
The ornithopter.
Choose the place where you want to go.
The flight over desert.
Inside a sietch.
Gurney Halleck.
Give orders to Fremen troops.
One of the Fremens.
Duncan Idaho.
The unknown sietch is located by Gurney.
Moving the Prospectors to the next area.
Jessica found a hidden room.
Communication room.
Abandoned harvester.
The Emperor want his Spice.
Waiting for a vision.
The first Spice shipment is ready.
The balcony.
Gurney found a trap.
Thufir Hawat - your Mentat.
The armory.
Your logbook.