The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Fantastic Dizzy. (AGA)
Title screen. (AGA)
The story so far... (AGA)
Start of the game in Dizzy's home. (AGA)
Outside Dizzy's home. (AGA)
Up in the trees. (AGA)
Watch out for man (egg?) eating plant! (AGA)
2 lives left. (AGA)
A king. (AGA)
Going up a lift. (AGA)
Game Over. (AGA)
Country side. (AGA)
Ah! Big hairy ugly thing! It's time to get the flaming hey out of here! (AGA)
Water fall. (AGA)
Solve the puzzle and you'll get an extra life. (AGA)
Going into town. (AGA)
In town. (AGA)
Castle Street. (AGA)
Underground tunnel. (AGA)
The entrance will take you to an underground tunnel. (AGA)
"Arrr... I be the most blackhearted squid sucking buccaneer that ever sailed the Seven Seas!" (AGA)
Is this the French Revolution or something? (AGA)
Whoever this fat dude is - he doesn't look happy. (AGA)