Written by  :  mike kelly (4)
Written on  :  Oct 09, 2004
Platform  :  Amiga
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Classic Adventure Game - one of the best the Amiga ever had.

The Good

Flight of the Amazon Queen is a 2D point-and-click adventure game set in the 1940s, originally published for DOS and the Amiga at the same time in 1995.

The Amiga version featured lush music, bright graphics and an easy to use interface in a funny classic adventure game.

The Bad

The only thing I didn't like was the intro cut scene should have been longer to introduce the game with more background information.

The Bottom Line

It is 1949 and you play Joe King, pilot for hire with his small private plane. The game is a spoof of old timely radio adventure serials. Joe is scheduled to fly the famous movie star, Faye Russell, to a photo shoot in the Amazon jungle. Of course, things never go according to plans. After an unfortunate turn of events they find themselves stranded in the heart of the Amazon jungle, where Joe will embark on a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess and in the process, discover the true sinister intentions of a suspiciously located Lederhosen company. In a rich 2D environment, Joe will cross paths with a variety of unlikely jungle inhabitants including, but not limited to, a tribe of Amazon women and 6-foot- tall pygmies.

This is a third person, point and click game with easy to use icons for action, a small inventory, and a brilliant map. The music is upbeat and changes with each location, and the graphics are imaginative and colorful, with careful attention to often-hysterical details (Aztec temple statues holding baseball bats!). And the short animated cut scenes used to advance the story are a pure delight to watch.

There are lots of great places to visit and plenty to do when you get there, with a unique challenge in each new location. The puzzles are crazy, absorbing and fun and are usually solved by clues you have picked up in conversations and/or with inventory items. Most are not too difficult and really add to the game. It's a great game, an old style adventure similar to Indy and the Fate of Atlantis that'll give you hours of fun and leave you feeling good. We love it!

The humor, whilst not side-splitting is very much tongue-in-cheek and pokes gentle fun, with the net result that you play through much of the game with a smile on your face. It was this sense of fun throughout that made Flight of the Amazon Queen so enjoyable.

Many features contributed to the overall playability. The easy to use interface that went some way towards allowing me the freedom to decide what I wanted to do. The comic book style cutaway sequences were very well done and most effective.

If you enjoy adventure games with gentle, offbeat humor, then I am sure you will enjoy Flight of the Amazon Queen.