Fury of the Furries Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Intro - Spaceship
Intro - Desert
Intro - Furries
Copy protection
Title screen
World map
Desert level loading screen
Game start
Level exit
Spiderman impersonator
Brick breaking
Lagoon level 8 - that cloud of green and white dots at the bottom is the Furry changing color
Forest level 7 - underground
Pyramid level 2
Mountains - one of the game's many bonus levels (unfortunately, at this point they are already quite scarce)
Mountains level 10 - one of the game's easiest levels. Pure relax, there's no possibility of being killed or getting stuck in this level.
Factory - another pulley, just like at the beginning
Village level 10 - in this stage exit, hazard and direction boards look different than in other levels.
Castle level 2 - who needs Pac-in-Time when the Furry can become Pacman anyway?
A secret level in the Lagoon
Another secret level I discovered myself (hint: it's Mountain level 3 and there's another bonus close to this one) - however, what bothers me is that these coins form a svastika...
Village level 1
Level 2 (Lagoon) - Loading picture
Level 3 (Forest) - Loading picture
Level 4 (Pyramid) - Loading picture
Level 5 (Mountains) - Loading picture
Level 6 (Factory) - Loading picture
Level 7 (Village) - Loading picture
Level 8 (Castle) - Loading picture
Level 9 (Machine) - Loading picture