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Gnome Ranger has improved on Knight Orc in the puzzle stake (more logical and enjoyable), the atmosphere (more enjoyable and less confusing), and the characters (more interesting). You can't ask for much more than that, except that perhaps Level 9's next game could give us more of the same. It would be good to see a slightly bigger game, in terms of location and puzzles, but for the time being this will do gnicely.
Commodore User (Nov, 1987)
There is not so much hacking and slaying, and the whole thing is gentler, with more ponderable problems. Some of the descriptive text, too, is superb. EXAMINE is a command that should be used whenever possible, for there are few things that do not have a lengthy, and often humorous description to be revealed! My favourite was that of the eagle, with a feast of alliterative F’s, ending with a bit about foul fluffy feathery bits under its tail! The rest of the text has its funny side too, for with all these GNs around (Gnome, GNettlefield) all words beginning with an N in the text, are preceded with a G. Not only that, the input system accepts the G as an optional start to the words, when used by the player!
GNOME RANGER ist ein Adventure mittlerer Qualität, welches in erster Linie durch die interessante Idee der gemeinsamen Aufgabenlösung mit anderen Wesen im Spiel überzeugt. Grafik und Parser sind durchschnittlich und eigentlich nichts Besonderes. Die Ausstattung bietet ein 48 Seiten starkes Begleitheftchen (Ingrids Tagebuchaufzeichnungen). Wenn man den günstigen Preis berücksichtigt, kann man das Programm dennoch zumindest eingefleischten Adventurefreaks eimpfehlen.
Tilt (Feb, 1988)
On regrettera seulement la disposition trop classique de l'écran de jeu, moitié paysage, moitié dialogue, ainsi que les complexe descriptions (en anglais) des lieux traversés. Aucun bruitage, des graphismes digitalisés jolis bien que pas assez « piqués » peut-être... Une aventure qui semble finalement réservée aux anglophones passionnés du genre.
Level 9 began their downhill slide with Worm in Paradise and have not yet produced a game good enough to drag them back up to the good old verb/noun days.