The Planet ShmulContributed by Katakis | カタキス (39520) on Oct 25, 2006.

Of all the places Jack wakes up, he has to wake up in a pile of baggage at the Shmul spaceport. Narm once again joins you. Stand up and ask Narm to distract the little old lady. While he is occupied, steal her fur off of her luggage. When Narm is finished with the lady, ask him to go to the bar and wait for you there. Try to leave. Jack will be forced to talk to the customs officer. Leave and you will be in an area with two buildings and two roads heading toward the bottom of the screen. Enter the building on your right. Jack will be in a hardware store.

Take a screwdriver from the shelf. Speak to the shopkeeper and ask if he is loyal to P'PauD'P'Pau. He will tell you that he is not, and he gives you a book on palace etiquette. Have Jack inspect the book to find out the password that you must use to gain entry into the palace. Speak to the shopkeeper again and ask if he has anything for free. You will receive a box of spare parts. Use the screwdriver on these and Jack will make a little car. Put the fur on the car. Leave and go into the left building. This is the bar.

Talk to the man. He will agree to help you if you take a note to the princess. Leave the bar and walk down the road to the right. Jack will arrive in front of the palace. Say the password to the guards to be allowed in. Go through the gate and walk to the building on the left. You will find yourself in a garden with a vicious dog. You must get rid of him. To do this, use the car to put it down on the ground and go in circles. Then the dog will attack the car (if the fur is on it). Continue along the path where the dog blocked it before to arrive at a building. Climb the trellis to the balcony and go in.

Talk to the princess, whose name is Ruthie. Jack ends up making a date with her and tearing up the man's note. Leave and go back to the bar. There, talk to the man and tell him that you have set up a date. He will give Jack his keys. Ask Narm to get you a uniform. He will leave the bar to do so. When Narm comes back with the uniform, have Jack him about your plan. You will see a scene about what happens when the man gets to Ruthie's bedroom. We see Jack in front of the lab. Go to the status screen and drag the uniform onto Jack to wear it. Leave the status screen and enter the lab. It looks like someone saw right through Jack, and places him in a prison cell. By now, you should have become the “Fugitive”.

Wait a moment. Using a pogo stick, Narm will jump to your prison cell window and offer to help you get out. Tell him to go to Ruthie and give her a poem. (When you are composing your poem, choose all the top choices.) Ruthie will come and save Jack just before he gets tortured. Leave the palace and go to the bar. Ask the princess about the Transatron. She tells Jack about a crystal on in the SkyCity. Ask to get a travel warrant and she will go get one for you. Exit the bar and go down the left road. Tell Narm to go to the spaceport and get a crate.

Go to the spaceport and place the warrant on the crate. Climb into the crate, which is loaded on a ship and sent to SkyCity. While on the ship, Jack remembers that the crates will be searched on arrival, so he gets out. Enter the escape pod in the hatch to the right. Narm will follow and accidentally cause it to release from the ship. You find yourself at the base of SkyCity. You are now a "Master Criminal".

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