J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. I Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen.
Bilbo Baggins holds a birthday party.
Bilbo disappears!
Bilbo's nephew, Frodo.
Gandalf the wizard visits Frodo about a certain ring.
Tossing the ring into the fire reveals...
...it is the dangerous one ring of the evil Lord Sauron!
Gandalf tells of the Dark Lord.
And how Bilbo found the ring in possession of the creature Gollum.
Frodo and his hobbit friends must leave the Shire soon.
Start a new game or load an old game.
Leaving your home hobbit hole of Bag End.
But first one last look around the old homestead for any forgotten loot!
Discovered a chest deep in Bag End.
After rummaging through Bag End, it's time to head out on the quest.
Lobelia is your relative who will take over Bag End from you. She is very insistent.
She won't let you continue until you give up your key.
The Gaffer asks you about missing children.
Some of the detail text for the game is located in the game manual. You have to look up the paragraph that is noted.
Exploring a house.
The owner needs help recovering his dog.
Visiting the Hobbiton Inn.
To find out the quest details, you must check the manual.
Talking to the Inn keeper.
Searching for the kids in the Eastern Wood ruins.
Entering a spider cave.
One of the kids is trapped in a web.
A spider appears and combat begins. Frodo attacks.
The spider lunges at Frodo.
A chasm blocks the way.
Using your character's skills is critical in getting past obstacles.
A Ghost King proves that violence is not always the best approach in this game.
The Ghost King makes short work of the party.
Game over.