J.R.R. Tolkien's War in Middle Earth Credits


Produced ByRon Harris
Directed ByRobert C. Clardy (as Robert Clardy)
Game DesignAlan B. Clark, Robert C. Clardy
Programmed ByAlan B. Clark
Production AssistanceGraeme J. Devine (as Graeme Devine)
Programming SupportMichael D. Branham (as Michael Branham), Lloyd D. Ollmann Jr. (as Lloyd Ollmann Jr.), John P. Conley (as John Conley), Jim McBride (as Jim McBride), Michael Park
Graphic ArtistsDavid H. Schroeder (as David Schroeder), Michael Ormsby, Mike Christy
Original Music ScoreDavid H. Schroeder
Test StaffAnn Dickens Clardy, Michael Ormsby, Marcus Streets, Graeme J. Devine
DocumentationMarcus Streets
Sonix Music PlayerMark Riley
Game ConceptMike Singleton
Characters byJ. R. R. Tolkien (as Tolkien)
Cover artwork by (uncredited)John Howe

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Credits for this game were contributed by S Olafsson (18639) and ZeTomes (29112)