Written by  :  Martin Smith (66812)
Written on  :  Apr 19, 2004
Platform  :  Amiga

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Proof that it's not just LucasArts who could do great graphic adventures

The Good

The setting was an unusual choice, and extremely effective, giving the game a rich political and social backdrop as well as allowing for some great subtle humour and satire.

The control system was well-designed, and a good substitute for SCUMM.

Well designed puzzles, great characterisations and sparkling dialogue all combined to make this a real treat.

The Bad

At times things were a little too linear, and it wasn't always clear that you had to be in a particular location.

It took me ages to get it to run form hard drive, and it was awkward on floppies. What's more, the copy protection was one of the most annoying to get past that I can remember.

The Bottom Line

An adventure game set in the dying days of USSR Communism, as the attempted coup weakened Gorbachev's power. You play an agent investigating the suspicious death of your father, and have many puzzles to solve. The game is very time-critical in places, requiring you to know the maps and plan your time well.