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Amiga Games (Aug, 1996)
Kick Off '96 ist ein gutes, aber kein brillantes Spiel. Es bietet jedoch Optionen en masse und es ist deutlich besser als die beiden Vorgängerspiele. Die 3D-Perspektive könnte ebenfalls ein Kaufanreiz für viele sein.
Amiga Power (Sep, 1996)
It's a shabby rip-off aimed at separating desperate and gullible Amiga owners from their money. It's riddled with bugs, it's clearly been rushed out with the absolute minimum of effort, and the fact that there are still people out there stupid enough to buy it because of the name, or because they think "Well it's AMIGA POWER, they *would* say that", who'll then have 20 quid less to spend on food, rent and heating, possibly leading to their death from starvation or hypothermia and a subsequent microscopic increase in the world's average IQ, is the only reason it's getting any marks at all. Fittingly, the worst game in AP's history, on the grounds that you simply can't play it. At least Rise Of The Robots and International Rugby Challenge basically *worked*.