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The One (Feb, 1989)
There's very little to distinguish this from the ST version. Both run at the same speed, and as such the gameplay is identical. In this case the sound had been beefed up, but apart from that it's business as usual.
Die Geschwindigkeit ist es dann auch, die das Spiel ziemlich schwierig macht, aber auch die Motivation aufrecht erhält. Besonders erwähnenswert ist bei dieser Fassung der Sound, denn der stammt vom derzeit wohl begabtesten Soundprogrammierer aller Klassen, nämlich Tim Follin! Den Amiga-Fans spendiert er einen Supertitelsound mit herrlich verzerrten Synthis, tolle Gitarrenriffs im ersten Level sowie weitere erstklassige Sounds für jedes weitere Level und die Highscore- und Startsequenz. Die Grafik ist zwar durchschnittlich, aber ansonsten kann: sich diese neue CAPCOM-Umsetzung sehen lassen - sie stammt nämlich vom gleichen Programmierteam, das schon Bionic Commando hervorragend umsetzte!
Software Creations (Bionic Commandos) have created a good, fast-paced race game. And, while lacking variety, the simple nature of LED Storm keeps addiction levels high and instils a strong compulsion to progress.
This aged Capcom overhead future racer was okay as a coin-op, but the home computer versions failed to grab the attention in the same way, and unfortunately, the Amiga version is no different. Okay for fans of the coin-op, but the rest of you may become very bored with this very quickly.
Extremely smart graphics, as you might expect, and great aurals, but disappointing gameplay, again because of the poor sideways scrolling. However it does profit from a faster performance than its 16-bit counterpart, and thus feels slightly more comfortable.
Amiga Power (Aug, 1991)
[Budget re-release] Spectacularly average driving-game-that-isn't with very little in the way of playability to recommend it. Eight quid is still too much.