Mean Streets Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

In the speeder
Oh Boy, Fax!
The NAV computer
Sylvia Linsky. Beautiful, isnt she?
Tex gets a kick in the nuts for being such an asshole
Disk requester
Delores Lightbody
You shouldn't go around threatening people, Tex
Carl Linsky's apartment
Some dialogue
Your inventory
Bash Dagot
Tex theatens Bash for refusing to give him information
"Hello. I'm Tex Murphy, and I'm at the Bridgeview Warehouse"
This is a computer. You use the keyboard to execute scripts on it
Say hello to Vanessa
Say hello to the gorgeous Lee Chin
"A threat. I'm really scared!'
Took too long to shut off the alarm, have you, Tex?
Sandra Larsen
Tex, you really must stop threatening people
Sonny Fletcher.
Arnold Dweeb. Yes, he's a dweeb.
Arnold doesn't like my attempt to threaten him, so he shoots me dead.
Going to see Frank Griffith.
Frank Griffith.
Frank Schimming.
Peter Dull.
Della Lang.
A cabin.
An underground lab.
Lola's apartment.
John Klaus.
Sam Jones.
Law and Order Party Office.
Robert Knott, Nazi for hire.