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Mega Sports (Amiga)

Mega Sports Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen (Summer Games)
Opening ceremonies (Summer Games)
The main menu (Summer Games)
Setting up the players (Summer Games)
Pole vaulting (Summer Games)
Platform diving (Summer Games)
Running a race (Summer Games)
Gymnastics (Summer Games)
Swimming (Summer Games)
Skeet shooting (Summer Games)
Closing ceremonies (Summer Games)
Title screen. (Summer Games 2)
Triple Jump. (Summer Games 2)
Rowing. (Summer Games 2)
Javelin. (Summer Games 2)
Equestrian. (Summer Games 2)
Equestrian - My horse fell. (Summer Games 2)
High Jump. (Summer Games 2)
Fencing. (Summer Games 2)
Cycling. (Summer Games 2)
Kayaking. (Summer Games 2)
Fireworks during the closing ceremonies. (Summer Games 2)