Mr. Tomato Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Paw pulls to the game
Main menu
Level 1 screen
Throw tomatoes as a ranged weapon.
Death, the transformation of tomato
In the sky
Tree platform
Zapped a flying object
Deadly spikes
Bugs Bunny
Game over
High scores
Level summary
Level code
Dark forest
Followed by a buggy men
Vicious tree and a mouse
Surrounded by enemies on the bridge
Game paused
Mountain village
Walking around the hut
Sheep charge
Goose, chicken, tomato
Piranha and extra energy
Giant mosquito
Screwed mouse
Zombie hand
Fat ghost and some coins
Frankenstein's son
Character yawns of boredom
Blue wizard
On the high platform
Trampoline rock
Skeleton with candle
Owl and mouse
Entering the castle
High trampoline jump
Epilogue level
Slaughterhouse level - the hero uses a rifle
All the creatures appear on the last level
Bonus chamber
Wake up time
Game finished