Overlord Credits


Developed byProbe Software Ltd.
Original DesignDavid Perry, Nick Bruty
Amiga ProgrammingDavid Perry
Visual Design and Computer GraphicsNick Bruty
Additional Design SupportDavid Bishop, Ian Mathias, Joe Bonar, John Martin
Programming SupportZareh Johannes
MusicJeroen Tel
Sound EffectsJeroen Tel
Introduction Sequence - Graphical Support and DesignDavid Perry, Joe Bonar, Hugh Riley, Paul Docherty
Hardware SupportZareh Johannes
ManualGraeme Kidd
Manual DesignGordon Druce
Packaging and ArtworkDermot Power, Khartomb
Quality AssuranceSteven Clark
ProductionRosemarie Dalton, Julie Snell
PlaytestingDavid Bishop, Ian Mathias, Steven Clark, John Martin, Terry Haynes, Joe Bonar, David Perry, Nick Bruty, Mark W. J. Kelly, Stephen Crow, Douglas Hare, Graeme Kidd, Mario Flammini, David A. Luehmann, Seth Mendelsohn
Special thanks toAre due to many people who assisted at various stges in the development of this software. The game has benefitted from the efforts - dedication and hard work of all those involved and without whom Supremacy would not have been possible.
Thanks toMartin + Frank + Justin + Graeme and all at Virgin Mastertronic for their loyal support, Fergus McGovern

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159756)