The Patrician Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Loading screen.
Game selection screen.
Naming player 1.
Choosing the family crest.
Choosing a starting city.
Naming a boat.
You can purchase, outfit and repair your boats at the shipyard.
Placing an order for a new boat.
The main office.
Purchasing goods to sell in other ports.
You can hire crew for your ship at the local pub.
Hiring the crew.
Picking up weapons at the armory.
Managing loans.
Visiting the church.
Travel to other cities via this map.
The main town screen in Stettin.
You can form convoys and check on town auctions here.
At the town square you can visit the baths, the church, hold feasts and find out the people's opinion of you.
Enjoying the baths.