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The Playroom (Amiga)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (US):

    Welcome to The Playroom

    A fun place to explore reading, math, and more.

    Exploring The Playroom, children automatically start to learn about letters, numbers and time. They also develop their thinking and computer skills.

    Even more valuable, they enjoy hours of stimulating play—learning early that education can be a joyful lifelong adventure.

    Children love to explore The Playroom with Pepper Mouse, their friend and guide. To play with, there's a songbird, a dinosaur, the Look-A-Lot, a teddy bear, a talking bulletin board, a drum, a dragon, alphabet blocks, a drawer with secrets inside, a radio, a goldfish that does flip-flops and more.

    Telling Time. Time is shown to the nearest hour: 1) on the cuckoo clock face, 2) digitally 3) as words, and 4) as the number of notes the cuckoo sings. And each hour, night or day, Pepper happily demonstrates a typical activity.

    Creating. As they switch toy parts, children invent their own comical creations. They also develop analytical skills, learning to match up parts to produce recognizable creatures.

    Adding & Subtracting. A three-level game introduces addition, subtraction and game strategies. Two can play, or your child can play against a friendly robot.

    Counting to 12. By counting various objects, children learn that 10 is always 10, whether it's 10 ducks or 10 candles. Visual and sound cues help them recognize numbers.

    Reading. The Computer Game introduces upper and lower case letters, short words, and phonics. It helps children develop their reading, spelling and keyboarding skills.

    Learning Letters. Children select and arrange objects to tell imaginative stories. Cues help them associate letters with words, for example, "A is for apples". Reinforces phonics.

    Kids! Stuffed toy mouse inside.

    Contributed by JudgeDeadd (10863) on Jul 09, 2009.