Puggsy Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Part of the opening sequence
The Menu
A map of the world
THE BEACH - take this shell and go to exit
THE BEACH - Watch out for that giant crab coming towards you!
THE COVE - Uh oh, monkeys!
THE COVE - Guardian
THE RED WOODS - use the bubble gun to put out three fires
THE RED WOODS - Groundhogs can cause trouble in this forest level
REDWOOD KEEP - take a weight to pass around the fan
STAR FALL LAKE - Puggsy is underwater..
SPLINTER TOWN - Exploring a town...
BADGER MILL - watch the flour being baked into bread
BADGER MILL - Guardian
PYRAMIDS - you're controlling mummy!
PYRAMIDS - Guardian
DARKBLADE FOREST - this sucker is hunting you
DARKBLADE FOREST - how to reach higher place?
DIAMOND MINES - during a ride on the mining cart
DIAMOND MINES - surrounded by enemies
DARKSKULL CASTLE - a little rest on the wooden table
FIRE HEART - snowmen are here to patrol
FIRE HEART - Guardian
AZTEC TEMPLE - go and grab that statue's head
Level complete
Game over