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In a nutshell, R.B.I. 2 is one of the finest baseball games yet released (in fact, one of the better sports sims of any type). One might even say it knocks the opponents for six... sorry, wrong country.
CU Amiga (Jul, 1991)
Conversions are often sad and sordid affairs with little effort, skill or original thought brought to bare on the new game. As with many licences of popular coin-ops or films, conversions of bestselling console games are sometimes seen as easy money and often churned out for a quick buck. Fortunately, RBI Baseball 2 on the Amiga is one of the best conversions I've seen. Domark's creative development house, The Kremlin, have kept the basics of the best-selling Nintendo game, but have also totally revamped the graphics and greatly enhanced the gameplay. A refreshing and original game. The best since Hardball hit the C64 all those years ago.
Amiga Action (Aug, 1991)
The only decent baseball simulation we can remember was Hardball, released on the Commodore 64 several years ago. At last, Amiga users have something to enthuse about. The graphics are bold, well animated and portray the action well. The sound is of a similar quality, boasting crowd roars and plenty of sampled speech. The only big let down is the omission of any true league series. Apart from this, RBI Two Baseball is the best of its kind on the Amiga, although admittedly, the competition is scarce.
Amiga Format (Aug, 1991)
RBI is a good simulation of a great sport. Oddly, it seems to suit computerisation, bringing the gunfight pressures to bear on every ball. It is the score after nine innings that matters, but every ball counts. Each has to be played for. This is what makes RBI exciting. The stop, start, nature of baseball works against the game’s claim to classic status. It cannot have the rolling free form energy of Kick Off simply because baseball is a slower, stop, start, sort of sport. It is excellent fun though, especially after some of the more confusing elements and ideas have been mastered. As a simulation of a strange sport in a strange land, it scores high in the major league.
Amiga Power (Aug, 1991)
Much as I like idea of playing out sports on a computer, there seem to be precious few which not only capture the flavour and underlying concepts behind a sport, but which are also very playable. Sure, RBI Two is slick, and it has that baseball 'feel' to it, but as a game in itself it just didn't quite click with me, particularly in one player mode. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it. and that's not to say that it doesn't really excell in some areas. But it comes across as more of one of those luxury games than one on which you'd be ecstatic about forking out £29.99. I freely admit that it could well be down to me rather than RBI Two (I know several people who think that it achieves what it sets out to do perfectly), but for £29.99 I expect to get a game which will not only be fun to play for an hour or two, but one which I'll come back to for weeks, maybe months to come. One which I'll run around telling my friends about. You know the kind I mean.
Amiga Computing (Sep, 1991)
Initially a bit limited for arcade fans, the sports sim element soon takes over and rewards perseverance with an engrossing tactical action game.
Datormagazin (Aug 29, 1991)
När jag började spela RBI fick jag snabbt en känsla av att spelet var utgivet under stor tidspress. För det första slår spelarna i tid och otid. Sedan är det eländet med resultattavlan. I inledning av spelet kan man välja om man vill se denna eller ej. Jag lärde mig snabbt att välja bort den. Trots detta dyker den upp med sina löjliga små trudelutter. Om jag väljer att inte se eländet vill jag heller inte se det! Ljudet har en del övrigt att önska. Men jag tycker att man kan köpa det här spelet trots allt. Om man har en kompis att spela mot och gillar baseball kommer man att få kul.
Amiga Joker (Oct, 1991)
Von den größen Hintergrunden abgesehen sind Grafik un Animationen recht ordentlich, der Sound ist durchwachsen und die Joysticksteuerung prima (sobald man das Timing im Griff hat!). Fans des Ami-Sports werden also zufrieden sein, den Rest interessiert's ohnehin nicht.
Wieder einmal zeigt sich, daß ein paar nette Digisounds und einige Einfälle noch lange kein gutes Spiel machen. Bleiben wir also weiter beim Fußball.
Power Play (Aug, 1991)
Als ob die Regeln nicht schon kompliziert wären, hat man den Joystick mit derart vielen Steuerbefehlen beladen, daß der Spieler hoffnungslos überfordert ist. Hier ist eine Übersichtskarte im Auge zu behalten, dort ein vergrößerter Ausschnitt des Spielfelds: Vor so viel Unübersichtlichkeit kapituliert der Baseball-Neuling, zumal alle Entscheidungen in Sekundenschnelle ausgeführt werden müssen. Lange Ladezeiten der unterschiedlichen Spielfeldperspektiven und ruckelndes Scrolling machen das traurige Bild komplett. Das ähnliche „Hardball“ gefällt mit deutlich besser als R.B.I. Baseball.