Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Series title screen
The title screen for this entry in the series.
Start of the lengthy introduction.
Orcs are among the enemies you will encounter.
The introduction tells the tale of the Blade of Destiny.
Thorwalians have a viking look.
Character generation is complex.
You can assign attributes yourself, or pick from a large selection of archetypes. Some are regular fantasy game staples like the warrior.
Or the magician.
Others are more unusual such as the Jester.
Starting out a new game at the Temple in Thorval. You can save the game or change your party composition at Temples.
Wandering around Thorval.
Random encounters can pop up as you explore. Here a beggar asks for some coin.
On the edge of the town.
Robbed! Another random encounter.
The journal.
You can travel by boat at the shipyard, if there are any in port.
You can travel overland via this map screen.
Clicking on the map provides descriptions of the places you can visit.
Traveling long distances will require you to camp overnight. Make sure to assign guards!
Attacked while at camp.
Combat is turn based. Each character has a large menu of options they can perform.
Spells don't always cast successfully.
Once the enemy is dispatched, you can collect the treasure.
Not everyone in town is friendly.
The overhead auto-map screen.
You can choose to break into houses but many have nothing of interest.
Stopping by for a rest at the local inn.