Red Baron Credits (Amiga)

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Red Baron Credits

Game credits

Amiga version byPete Heinrich, Joseph Wingard
Directed and Designed byDamon Slye
Lead ProgrammerPaul Bowman
Shell programmed byDavid McClurg
Additional simulation programming and mission recorder byLincoln Hutton
Flight model programmed byDamon Slye
Technical AssistancePiotr Lukaszuk
Historical MissionsNels Bruckner
Art DirectorMark Peasley
3D Graphic ArtistCyrus Kanga
Casting and costuming bySher Alltucker
Director of Image ProductionRandy Dersham
Off‑line maps byMark Peasley
16‑color artwork byDamon Mitchell
Audio DirectorAlan McKean
Sound effects and music editing byChristopher Stevens
Musical score byCayanie Music
Historical research byJohn Bruning Sr.
Research consultantsArlon Harris, Neal O'Connor, Peter Grosz
Executive ProducerJeffrey Tunnell

Manual credits

Managing Editor and DesignerJerry Luttrell
Historical Overview written byKevin Miller, John Bruning Sr.
Reference Sections written byJohn Bruning Sr., Tim Cushing
Medals and Awards section written byNeal O'Connor
Control Section written byJerry Luttrell
Format designed byMark Peasley
Layout byJerry Luttrell, Arran Riddle
Photo selections bySher Alltucker
Illustrations byJarrett Jester
Color Illustrations byRaymond Rimell

Special thanks

Special thanksArlon Harris, Ed Usinowicz, John Bruning Sr., Patrick Henry

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Credits for this game were contributed by burjo (74)