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Amiga Computing (Sep, 1989)
The Strategic Defence Initiative was Ronald Reagan’s attempt to solve the world’s nuclear dilemma by building more nuclear weapons and putting them into space. No, it did not make any sense to me either. I always knew that bloke was one sandwich short of a picnic. In typical paranoid American programming style, those darn baby-eating Soviets have launched an all-out nuclear attack on the innocent western world. Sigh. As you happen to be in orbit around the earth at the time, the onus is on you to prevent global catastrophe.
Taken from the Sega Global Defense, SDI boasts impressive graphics and professional presentation, but this does little to disguise the thin and repetitive gameplay – something it has in common with the ST version. In fact the major differences – as is so often the case – are to be found in the in-game tunes and sound effects. Little more than a modernised Missile Command, SDI looks good but doesn't taste the same.