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Shinobi (Amiga)

Shinobi Screenshots

Amiga version

The Ken Oh File
Mission 1 Level 1
Yeah, Miss Monroe is a babe alright
Ken Oh
Using magic against Ken Oh
Bonus Stage
The Black Turtle File
Mission 2 Level 1
Mission 2 Level 2
Mission 2 Level 3
Black Turtle
The Mandara File
Mission 3 Level 1
Mission 3 Level 2
Mission 3 Level 3
That's a lot of Mandaras
The Lobster File
Fighting on the mountains - Part 1
Mission 4 Level 2
Mission 4 Level 3
The Lobster
File on the masked ninja
Fighting on the mountains - Part 2
Fighting amongst the bamboo
Mission 5 Level 3
The masked ninja
High Scores