SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony Credits


Original Concept and DesignJustin McCormick, Will Wright
Amiga ProgrammingBrian Conrad
Project ManagerDon Walters
Graphics (Amiga & IBM)Susan Greene, Kristin J. Mallory, Jenny Martin, Matthew Sarconi, Muffy Vasale
Sound Effects and MusicMatthew Berardo, Steve Hales, Chris Schardt, Jack Thorton
PackagingRichard Bagel, James Dowlen, Robin Harper, Kurt West, Chris Yoro
DocumentationMichael Bremer
Editing, Additional DocumentationTom Bentley
Documentation DesignRichard Bagel, Michael Bremer, Vera Jaye, Kurt West, Chris Yoro
Documentation LayoutMichael Bremer, Vera Jaye
Manual IllustrationsJeff Loughbridge
Documentation ComicsMichael Bremer, Kurt West
Quote and Legend ResearchJake Hoelter
Documentation ContributionsBrian Conrad, Daniel Goldman, Justin McCormick, Steve Smythe, Don Walters, Will Wright
Quality AssurancePeter Alau, Alan Barton, Manny Granillo, James Purple Hampton, Donjah Horat, Carter Lipscomb, Scooter O'Hare, Chris Weiss
PlaytestingMarty Barylski, Ezra Cooper, Michael Deerkoski, Jim Dumont, John Gibson, Eric Klein, David O'Rourke, Jeff Panosian, Marty Sikes, Eric Snider, Edward Stern, Robert Szarek, John Willoughby
Special Thanks ToSteve Beckert, Jeff Braun, Michael Bremer, Mike Burton, Ray Gans, Robin Harper, Donjah Horat, Dan Horn, Dick Jackson, Bruce Joffe, Joell Jones, James Kalin, Ken Karakotsios, Kevin Kelly, Chris Langston, Alex Novickus, Pam Schrauwen, Ted Schultz, Joe Scirica, Sally Vandershaf, Don Walters, Edward O. Wilson, Jim Woolum, Cassidy Wright

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Eric Klein, 17 other games
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Robin Harper, 14 other games
Chris Weiss, 13 other games
Vera Jaye, 13 other games
Sally Vandershaf, 13 other games
Peter Alau, 12 other games
Kevin Kelly, 11 other games
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Matthew Berardo, 10 other games
Cassidy Wright, 7 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69306)