Written by  :  Nick Drew (412)
Written on  :  Mar 07, 2007
Platform  :  Amiga
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
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Conversion of average platform game which has some nice ideas, but is ultimately dull.

The Good

The animated intro sequence is a welcome addition. The style is done in a thoughtful way in regards to how the show was done at the time, with good use of shadows and different lighting to generate mood and atmosphere. Titles and credits are also done nicely, with good touches from the show.

I liked the idea of being able to interact with the game world, the ability to enter shops and buy items with money that you collect. The way in which you go about this is also made simple, and uncomplicated by only using the joystick and fire button, so this aspect of the game is well implemented.

X-ray specs to see which pedestrians are mutants are an interesting inclusion, and the subsequent visual contrast when used is also effective.

Some decent voice samples, such as the famous “eat my shorts”.

The Bad

Sprites are small, and ill-defined and while various character’s are recognisable, fails to capture the Simpson's flavour quite correctly in my opinion. Animation wise, no better or worse than the NES original, but minimal nonetheless. Backdrops are too flat, and lack depth, making for a detached feeling of being in the Simpson’s universe. Definition and colours are the only real improvement, and that isn’t saying much. The isometric Simpson’s game which was in development for home micros’ that was ultimately scrapped in favour of this hastily settled on conversion, looked and sounded much more interesting than this game.

Music is a rendition of the classic theme by Danny Elfman, which sound’s okay, but should have been much better given the Amiga sound hardware. Uninspired sound effects are dodgy, and don’t improve on the original.

Basic game-play consists of guiding Bart left to right, avoiding mutants that bounce up and down on the spot in varying degrees of height and speed, and by spray painting, or by some other means of disguising objects of a specific colour, because some mutants can use things of that colour for the dastardly purpose of creating a weapon worthy of conquering the world. Play is slow and boring, and Bart’s movements are a bit too stiff, particularly jumping. Learning all the routines of the nasties is simply tedious, and some times they are arranged in such a way where you can’t get by without enduring some damage which is naff. Very unremarkable stuff, and I couldn’t find the motivation to stay with this one for any extended period of time.

The Bottom Line

My overall feeling is Bart versus the space mutants is a dull game, with strictly average audio visuals’ thanks to very little enhancement, and similarly average game-play, with little redeeming features. But don’t take my word for it, any ardent Simpson’s fan should at least go out and try it, and who knows, you might feel differently, but I don’t think this will be everyone’s cup of tea.