Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Opening credits
A scene from the introduction, inside the Caliph's palace
Main title
The hourglass measures the time remaining, after which the curse on the Caliph becomes permanent
The world map, complete with a magnifying glass
Tactical map of the Damaron region. You must repel the troops of the Black Prince from the Capital
Sinbad's beloved princess Sylphani
Shooting down a Pteranoxos
Iris the Gypsy. Being the first released, the Amiga version has an entirely different graphical layout
Libitina the seductress...
...who indeed is just seducing Sinbad!
Like David with Goliath, our hero confronts the Cyclops with a sling
If Damaron is taken over, Sinbad will challenge Prince Camaral in a fight to the death
With the Black Prince taken care of, his troops are no longer a threat to the Capital. But your quest is far from over
Sinbad puts ashore his ship, the Sabaralus
The shipwreck mini-game. Any survivors you pick up will join you
Story-related events are told through a screen like this
The Roc will occasionally attack your party
Pirates attack the ship while Sinbad is ashore
When an earthquake occurs, Sinbad must climb his way out of the chasm
Fighting a skeleton
Sure this game doesn't lack variety
Grab a jewel when it's green-lit or you will ire the Idol
Rather than the Sasquatch, this one looks more like a guy in a Sasquatch costume
Will Sinbad fool the Genie by making this tricky wish?
The Shaman's help is essential, but finding him will not be easy
Sinbad fights with a lion.
Sinbad takes on the black panther.
Sinbad rescues the princess.