Space Quest: Chapter I - The Sarien Encounter Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

The title screen.
Enter your name.
You can use your mouse to walk around.
The data cartridge library on the Arcada.
Getting blasted by a Sarien storm trooper.
Crash landed on a burning desert planet.
Walking along a ledge.
Walking along the ledge.
Look out for those acid drops!
Playing the slot machine.
The thriving settlement of Ulence Flats.
A cheap space hang out.
In a airlock.
Your shiny new ship.
Walking around town.
Droids 'R Us!
In the droid shop.
Poor alien...
The planet Kerona.
Crusing through space.
Look out for asteroids!
The Deltaur!
Jet Packing!
A hologram!
Meeting with some friendly aliens.
The story of the Star Generator.
The sand skimmer arcade game.
Walking around.
Which way do I go?
Meeting the not so nice Orat.
The help screen.
In a small room aboard the Deltaur.
Crawling through vents on the Deltaur.
Walking down the halls of the Deltaur.
The Deltaur's laundry room.
On the Deltaur in disguise.
In the weapon room.
The star generator!