Starflight Credits


Original Design and Programming by Binary SystemsRod McConnell, Alec Kercso, T. C. Lee, Bob Gonsalves, Greg Johnson
ProducerJoe Ybarra
Associate ProducerRoland Kippenhan III
Assistant ProducersMike Kawahara, Chris Wilson, Jon Horsley
Technical ConsultantDavid S. Maynard, Dan Hite
Art DirectorNancy L. Fong
Package ConceptWilliam James Gin
Package IllustrationAlan Okamoto
ProgrammingColin MacDonald, Dave Eresian, Jason T. Linhart, Sally Wright
Additional ProgrammingGordon Kramer, Lester Humphreys, Richard Filoramo
Conversion DesignStephen Linhart
GraphicsAvril Harrison, Greg Johnson, Greg Johnson, Matthew S. C. Sarconi
Testing and Additional ArtKiri Naiman, Mary Melchior
MusicDoug Hewitt
Special ThanksCharles Moore, Glenn S. Tenney, David Boulton, Richard Duggan, Jim Yarbrough, Paul Reiche III, Jeff Lubeck

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roland Kippenhan (196)