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Street Fighter II (Amiga)

Street Fighter II Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Character selection screen
Get ready to fight!
Zangief is blocking Chun Li's Lightning Kick.
A bonus stage where you have to destroy a car.
E. Honda is receiving electric shocks from Blanka.
Take a look at Dhalsim's legs!
Guile has won this round.
Ryu makes a whirlwind kick.
Ryu fires a fireball
E. Honda grabs Ken
E. Honda and his Body Torpedo
Thousand hands...
Blanka is making a rolling ball...
... and bites.
Kens and his projectile.
Chun-Li kicks E. Honda
And then she makes an upside down kick.
Chun-Li is kicking E. Honda.
Zangief and his rotating body.
Zangief drags and drops Ryu.
Dhalism projects a fireball.
Bison and his flaming torpedo.
Balrog - the only boxer in this crew...
Vega is one of a kind. He climbs...
... he bends his body...
... and flies.
Sagat as a kickboxer has some nice punches...
... and kicks.
Ken is fighting Bison.
Ken is performing his whirlwind kick.