Thalion: The First Year Credits (Amiga)

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Thalion: The First Year Credits

Chambers of Shaolin

68000 ‑ programMarc Rosocha
GraphicsGünter Schmitz
SoundJochen Hippel
Game designHolger Flöttmann
Additional graphicsHolger Flöttmann, Erik Simon, Monika Krawinkel
CompressionLothar Becks
Copy protectionGunter Bitz


68000 programmingMichael Bittner
GraphicsErik Simon
SoundJochen Hippel
Game designErik Simon, Michael Bittner
Additional graphicsHolger Flöttmann
Copy ProtectionGunter Bitz
Amiga conversionJochen Hippel

Leavin' Teramis

68000 programmingMichael Bittner
GraphicsMichael Grohe
SoundJochen Hippel
Game designErik Simon
Additional programmingMarkus Laatsch, Marc Rosocha
Additional graphicsErik Simon, Celal Kandemiroglu, Tim Lange
Additional design & textsRichard Karsmakers

The Seven Gates of Jambala

Graphics & ConceptMonika Krawinkel, Michael Grohe
ProgrammingGunter Bitz, Michael Raasch, Fabian Hammer, Niclas Thisell
Game textsRichard Karsmakers
Music and sound effectsJochen Hippel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jo ST (24110)