Theatre of Death (Amiga)

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Written by  :  Marc Frick (2)
Written on  :  Nov 23, 2011
Platform  :  Amiga
Rating  :  2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars2.6 Stars
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Surpisingly fun Cannon-fodder - like game!

The Good

Well, there's some GREAT music, first off. (Mike Clarke, composer, BTW). This was quite possibly the first RTS game I played on ANY platform... I had to actually import the game... No, NOT calling up a company... I had to call Psygnosis direct in the UK @ 4:30 AM! *LOTS of coffee that night! :) * I will admit, the graphics are only average by Amiga standards... but the game is really rather fun to play... Seeing what the next level holds, etc... One of the game's strong points, is also a bad weakness: For some reason, you can possibly win or lose any mission in literally a heartbeat... No, I am NOT kidding! Graphics aren't the best, obviously... but, still some nice little buildings show up... Oh... and I am a Sci-Fi nerd... the last 5 levels take place on the moon, complete with Eagles from Space:1999 !!

The Bad

Well, the controls are a bit odd... especially when it comes to (mouse) guiding an officer, and his soldiers..... In all honesty, Theatre of Death has only one tragic flaw: Death comes far too often, and usually without ANY warning..... YET, other times, I have beaten a very hard level with nothing more than 1 officer in a helicopter!?! Really??? The control isn't bad, really.... but, to move properly with the mouse requires FAR TOO much accuracy...pointer always 'over-shoots' the edge of the play area.... not cool. Basically, the AI in this game is MESSED up! So sad too, as it IS a very fun game to play... Well, I guess only Space: 1999 fans need apply! :)

The Bottom Line

Quite interesting and rather real-time strategy game for the Amiga, let down ONLY by cheap deaths.... :( Though, some GREAT music!!! What can I say... I love this game so much , I ripped the music from it, just to save about 5 seconds time vs. loading the game!!! :D