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Advertising Blurbs

titusgames.com (GameBoy Color):
    Titus the Fox, his girlfriend Foxy and his cousin Zorro lived happily in their forest home, until one fateful day....

    In search of an exotic desert fox, Foxy travels to the Sahara desert, where she is unexpectedly captured by the evil and ruthless Sultan Rabys.

    With Foxy as his helpless prisoner, the Sultan challenges Titus the Fox to rescue her from his evil clutches. In order to save his beloved, Titus joins forces with his heroic and brave cousin Zorro. Together they must defeat the evil Rabys, rescue Foxy and return safely to their forest home.

    • Unique cooperative gameplay using the Game Link cable

    • Make your way to Marrakech and back through 17 huge levels

    • Adjustable 8-way scrolling

    • Discover all the secret arreas, hidden bonus levels and more.....

    Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Sep 17, 2007.

www.nintendo.com - Game Boy Color:
    When released for the original Game Boy back in '93, Titus the Fox was celebrated as the first platformer with a two-player co-operative mode. The GBC version of Titus' Moroccan adventures retains that breakthrough feature and tosses in a few levels only available to GBC players.

    The peaceable Titus has no weapons, except for the occasional crate that he can pick up and throw. Instead, Titus must leap over foes while figuring out ways to reach high ledges, whence reside prized Diamond Boxes. Collect 100 Diamond Boxes to earn an extra life. Diamond Boxes can also be collected in the minigames that pop up after every two levels.

    Much of the action revolves around rearranging items or hopping on green balloons to give Titus a furry leg up on hard-to-reach places. Occasionally, staircases may mysteriously materialize in cul-de-sacs.

    If two play, the second tackles the role of Zorro (Spanish for "fox"), Titus' cousin. With each player giving the other a helping paw, traveling the long and winding road is easier, not to mention more fun.

    Titus the Fox is compatible with Game Boy Color and monochrome Game Boy systems.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65883) on Nov 07, 2006.

Back of Box - Game Boy:
    To Marrakech and back

    Check out this exciting action-adventure game. Titus and his cousin Zorro take on the world as they battle through the 17 levels of their journey to Marrakech and back. They are fast, funny, cute and you will be hooked on them for ever.

  • Unique system for 2 simultaneous players using the Nintendo Game Link.
  • Secret rooms, hidden bonuses and deadly traps.
  • Superb graphics and original music bring these wonderful characters to life.
  • Unique system of interaction: players, enemies, objects and backgrounds.
  • Adjustable 8 way scrolling.
  • Platform game of exceptional size: more than 200 screens on 17 levels.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69566) on Aug 11, 2002.

Back of Box (US):

    TITUS the FOX

    To Marrakech and back

    Join Titus the Fox in his hilarious adventure "To Marrakech and Back". On foot, riding a skateboard or flying your magic carpet, you set off across the Sahara to free your kidnapped love - Foxy! You encounter many enemies such as Babyboon, the kid with the deadly bottle, and Toyo the spectacled snake. This mega-game has already been hailed by the critics as the reference for Jump'n'Runs in the computer games world.

    • Platform game of exceptional size: More than 900 screens on 15 levels with 54 extraordinary enemies.
    • Secret rooms, hidden bonuses and deadly traps.
    • Unique system of interaction: player - enemies - objects - backgrounds.
    • Options: level codes, continue, adjustable 8-way scrolling.
    • Exploits full capacity of each machine: Amiga (50 hz, more than 60 colors on screen, hardware sprites). IBM PC (Adlib Card).

    Contributed by Roedie (5255) on Jan 17, 2002.