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The graphics are poor verging on the off-putting, with crude animation, sprites and 3D views, while the sound is probably best left unmentioned. Now, while I agree that these aesthetic factors are secondary to good gameplay, easy control system, absorbing plot, interesting characters, etc, etc, that is no reason to neglect them entirely. Used correctly, graphics and sound can increase a game's atmosphere ten-fold (the aforementioned Beholder games are proof enough of that) and atmosphere is one of the most important aspects of a decent RPG, Thing is, these games do sell and there's no doubt that Treasures will be snapped up by the same people who bought the last in the series and they'll be delighted with the chance to use their characters again.
Amiga Games (Oct, 1992)
Bei „Treasures Of The Savage Frontier“ haben sich die Programmierer sicherlich kein Bein ausgerissen, um das „Letzte“ aus der AMIGA-Hardware herauszuholen (Umsetzung vom PC). Aber dafür öffnen sich dem Spieler, der sich in die Spielsituation eingearbeitet hat, eine wahre Wundertüte an Geheimnissen, 3D-Labyrinthen, Monstern, Schätzen und neuerdings sogar aufregenden Liebesabenteuern.
Amiga Computing (Nov, 1992)
Well, ifs a definite must if you play dungeon's and dragons but haven't got a load of other people to play with, but your average adventure game buff could do a lot better.
Amiga Joker (Sep, 1992)
Gameplay (viel verzwickte 3D-Metzelei), Steuerung (Maus bzw. Menüscreens) und Sound (nette Titelmusik plus Uralt-FX) bewegen sich ganz im Rahmen dessen, was man aus zahllosen anderen SSI-Rollis kennt, gleiches gilt für die Story: Die bösen Zhentarim unterdrücken noch immer die Zwergen-Stadt Llorkh, wer will es den Wichteln da verdenken, daß sie eine Revolution planen? Wer will es der Party verdenken, daß sie den lieben Kleinen helfen möchte? Und wer will es uns verdenken, wenn wir langsam die Nase voll haben – weiter so, und die Forgotten Realms sind wirklich bald zu vergessen.
Amiga Action (Oct, 1992)
Well, what more can I say? I've said it all before, and I'll say it again. If this sort of thing turns you on, you'll have probably bought it already, irrespective of what acclaim it may or may not have received. On the other hand, if you're new to this theme, you'll find it completely inaccessible, very ugly and it'll probably put you off RPGs for the rest of your life, which is a shame.
Amiga Format (Dec, 1992)
It's sad to see that these games have been created as an alternative for fantasy freaks to play against computer-generated characters instead of playing their fellow fantasy friends. Stick to the dice version.
Amiga Power (Nov, 1992)
How can I put this without upsetting old-fashioned RPG fans? Don't buy this. There are so many excellent role playing games out there that this one should be left to fade away into the background while the real things take centre stage. An outdated waste of time, and effort.