Wing Commander Screenshots (Amiga)

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Amiga version

Title screen
Tiger's Claw bar
Talking with Paladin
Pilot list
Crew quarters
Mission briefing begins
New wingman
Mission map
Ready for take off
...and action!
Encountering a Dralthi
The Dralthi is history
A dangerous hazard
Hero's funeral
Alert !
Oh no, I'm too young to die!
Talking to Hunter
At the Commander's office
Talking to Knight
Talking to Iceman
Into an minefield
We taken heavy damage
Hard action out there !
Talking to Bossman
"Bhurak Starkiller" ... on of the kilrathi aces
Cut scene
The "Jalthi" is the hardest enemy fighter
Impressive those Ralari battleships
Receiving a medal
The "Killboard"
Knight toasted one of these cats
Another cut scene
Arcade train sim.
Talking with Angel.
External view - Navigating through an asteroid field.
External view - A Drayman transport successfully warps out.
Colonel's Halcyon's Office.
Hangar deck - award ceremony.
An award ceremony.
Award ceremony - Colonel's Halcyon salutes you.
Ready to land at the Tiger's Claw.
Landing after a mission.