An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire (DOS)

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An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire Credits


Lead ProgrammingJulian Lefay
Executive ProducerChristopher Weaver
ProgrammingMarvin Herbold, Julian Lefay
Graphics / ArtworkRichard Guy, Mark Jones, Gary L. Noonan, Louise Sandoval
Cover IllustrationMark Jones
Design and DialogueDaniel Greenberg, Richard Guy, Julian Lefay
Level DesignRichard Guy, Gary L. Noonan
ManualEd Chang, Kate Springle
Manual DesignPeggy Meile, Casper Uhl
Beta TestingAnahid Avakian, Mary Barzee, Steven Berra, Barry Boland, Chris Boucher, Nick Boughen, Vickie Boughen, Michael Boutin, Marc Bridger, Bob Deutsch, Paul D. Gittins, Warren P. Gunther, Gregory Hedges, Pam Humphreys, Mary Jo DiBella, Kurt Kemmling, Stephen Korejwo, Jack Labout, Michael Milkins, Kyle Okula, Jim Pedicord, Steve Pusztai, Russell Roach, James Sablatura, Jim Scarletta, Rod Springer, Larry Sudlow, Lawrence Szydlowski, Graham Tinsley, Gary Vandegrift, Timothy Verpoorten, Bill Waldheim, Mara Wasserman, Charlse Waugh, Suzanne T. Weiss, LaRae Wilkins, Stephen Wilkinson, Pierre d'Albertis

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kic'N (4220)