Battlespire was supposed to be the first Elder Scrolls game that would feature enhanced video through 3dfx support. It was widely proclaimed and appeared on all of the early adds for the box. Some reports also say that the 3dfx logo also appeared on the first retail boxes for the game. When Battlespire was released, fans were disappointed that no special support was included outside of VESA SVGA, and Bethesda claimed that due to the design of the game engine, 3dfx support was impossible. Later, the support was incorporated into The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.


As with many RPGs where you create your own character, Battlespire allows you to play as either a male or female. There are even two different ending movies based on your character's gender, in which you rescue a half-naked member of the opposite sex who's been shacked to the wall by the big baddie.

And yet, the dialogue in the intro movie clearly refers to the hero of the game as a man. I.E. the dialogue goes "he stepped into the battlespire" and "he found a hell created by...". A bit of inconsistency that got overlooked by the game makers.


Battlespire was a drastic change from other Elder Scrolls games in terms of graphics: Fully 3D, with high resolution and high color.

Norton Anti Virus

Battlespire is incompatible with Norton Anti Virus (and other related Norton products, as well as other virus-protection software from other companies) and will occasionally crash if Norton products are running in the background.

If you're experiencing crashes even after installing the 1.2 patch and fixing the DOS shell memory cache and the objmemsize (as described in the 1.2 documentation), try switching off your virus-scanner or Norton system-works.

Information also contributed by Alan Chan and Jason Musgrave

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