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Title screen
Main menu. Note the funny visual representations of the difficulty levels
Intro. View of the futuristic city. The game boasts spectacular cinematics, all done with in-game engine
The game starts with our hero Sly Boots getting beaten up by a goon working for Vendelin Detta, a shadowy alien mafioso and one of the main antagonists
Rowdy's Bar, the game's first locations. The strong writing alludes to all the good cliches of a "hardboiled" PI story
This attractive and splendidly animated holographic image is Fatima, Sly's faithful assistant: dead yet appearing very lively!
Your quest log. Let's get to work, Sly!..
You can take a photo of anything you see in the game. This here is Sly's office
One of the many minigames of Anachronox: using Sly's special skill to pick a lock on that door
Already the first hub area gives you a good idea of the game's use of 3D visuals. Note the gravitational walkway above!..
Even dialogues with supposedly generic characters (such as a tutorial NPC) are well-written
There are quite a few cool views in the game. The 3D architecture is very impressive
These terminals can be accessed for news and information at several points in the game
Nice restaurant. NPCs are walking around, aliens eating, etc. Grumpos, my first companion, has just joined me
The first dungeon in the game. Fighting rather pitifully-looking low-level enemies
An impressive first boss battle against the Stone Sentinel
The second main mission involves infiltrating a science center. Note our clever disguises! Sly's trusty robotic sidekick has joined the party
What a view from the upper platform! But check out the time limit in the corner... This planet is going to be destroyed soon!..
Minigame: navigate the ship while avoiding randomly appearing rocks
You can switch between your characters most of the times. Controlling PAL the robot, displaying his special skill, exploring the hilarious planet Democratus
Characters have unique skills they can use in battles. Grumpos's skill is talking too much until the enemy is disoriented!
Another day, another minigame: first-person rail shooter!
No self-respecting RPG is complete without a Red Light District somewhere!..
There is a lot of funny detail in the game. This guy is watching an erotic dance performed by a tentacled alien!..
Party screen. We haven't gather all the companions yet. This screen also displays equipment and attributes for the chosen character
A quiet area with mysterious little creatures... who are they?
Is this a robotic stick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?.. Once Stiletto joins the party, you'd be tempted to put her in the lead
This must be the only game in which you can have a PLANET visit an amusingly named temple administered by a robot
Realistic scene: passengers waiting for the train to depart on the planet Hephaestus
You'll encounter many interesting people and situations, not all of which are mandatory. Here you enter an unmarked apartment and discover an ex-superheroine with powers of invisibility
Boss battle against the large and very ugly cyber-insect Verilent Queen
Stilletto and Boots catch up on old times
Entertainment district on Hephaestus: a lovely place with European architecture!..
If you want, take a break from the main quest and just play arcade games!
Darkly beautiful monastery library
Like most Japanese-style RPGs, the bosses in Anachronox clearly suffer from megalomania
A supervillain's comic book-like ship!
A cute puzzle to complete in order to open a door
Even the font changes in this section of the game!..
Suddenly, we are whisked away to a mysteriously quiet, old snowy town... Note the snowflakes
One of the missions requires you to play as this new comic-book-like character
Lavish decorations in this room!..
The game's cutscenes are a beauty. So much expression with rather modest technical means
No sci-fi RPG is complete without some throwback to a primitive civilization...
Boots faces off against the not-so-aptly named Wimpa amongst the shattered and devoured corpses of its victims
Our heroes ultimately assist the Vigil in a battle against the Korethorian Dark Servants responsible for the whole mess
The colorful party in a peaceful, open space, fairly late in the game
Sci-fi returns with a vengeance for this decisive mission. And look how much damage we can do now!..
Detta takes refuge in his personal Mystech stockpile, which will soon become nothing more than his shattered dreams of galactic domination
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