Ancient Domains of Mystery Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
The main menu
The online manual -- available everywhere in the game
Creating a new character...
Character generation: selecting a race.
Character generation: selecting a class.
Character generation: a description of a character -- quite detailed!
Character generation: modifying attributes by questions, Ultima-like.
Character generation: choosing a talent.
The game starts!
Uh-oh, my new character is attacked by a grizzly bear...
Fighting the grizzly...
The grizzly won! Game summary on death.
The hall of fame
Entering a village.
Getting a quest from the village elder.
Entering a food shop -- important!
Hmm... where may these stairs lead?
In a dungeon, advancing to level 2.
Level advancement lets you improve skills.
The inventory
A BIG battle, a room full of goblins!

Windows version

Main title.
Main menu.
Character creation - Each new character will get a random birthday and with it, different bonuses.
Character creation - Choosing a race.
Character creation - Choosing a class.
Character creation - Selecting starting skills.
Game start - The overland map. Walking a short way down reveals a small village. Oooh, 2D graphics!
Entering a village.
Accepting a quest from a local druid.
Just finished exploring the first level of this dungeon cave. Standing beside the staircase to the lower levels.
In plain ASCII mode.
In isometric projection mode.
In first person perspective mode.
In mini-tile mode.
In double-mini tiles mode.
Oops. Entered a room full of monsters. This is going to be a bloody mess.