And Yet It Moves Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu
A list of achievements using the Steam platform.
Tutorial level
Levels can be exited when you see this sign.
The monster won't let me pass.
One of the first real puzzles where you need to toy with gravity.
Entering the jungle area.
Dropping down isn't necessarily a problem in this game.
Keep the gorilla busy in order to pass.
Using a giant swing.
Don't worry, you can surf on branches.
Find a way to distract the plant.
Close-up of the running character
The checkpoint men point in the right direction.
Launch yourself using this ledge.
Black areas kill you instantly.
Deeper down the forest
It looks like a bull and acts like it too.
That way
Watch out for the boulders.
I've lit the environment ... and myself.
The rain is welcome here.
Sliding down a tree ... and encountering a snake.
The disease will completely distort the environment.
Running up a tree, surrounded by bats.
An evil tree
It gets more colourful from here on.
The scenery is breathtaking.
These platforms are only visible temporarily.
Running down a slope.
One of the more complex puzzles, with a shadow character
Running from a boulder.
There are many different layers in the scenery.
A tight spot
A giant web
A deadly maze, be quick!
Falling down a long shaft.
The tabula rasa level
Compare your best times online.
Level selection