Android One: The Reactor Run Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Starting in the first level.
On to the second area.
In the third area.
Android destroyed. Game over.
The high scores, of which I made none.

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
First screen, with the Android enclosed in a safe room he must shoot his way out of. The levels actually wrap around, so what you see to the left of the Android is the last screen.
Second screen with stationary obstacles that cannot be shot, but they won't kill the Android if run into.
Instructions page 2 - Enemies and points.
Instructions page 3 - Interface panel.
Instructions page 4 - Keyboard layout.
Instructions page 5 - Conditions Game Over.
Let's press the Play again.
Select skill level.
Stage 1 - Destroying a.... Thing!
Stage 2 - Destroying another... thing!
Transaction from Stage 2 to Stage 3.
Stage 3 - Android 1 destroyed... no just kiddin' (shouting) BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!!!
Stage 4 - Broadway time: "Anything Goes!"
Stage 5 - not much to say... a..some bricks over there... walls and stuff, some ridiculous monsters with one eye... ei..a...monste... inc.,... some ETs from Close Encounterz...
Stage 6 - Destroy the brick... (crrkk)... destroy the teachers....(crkk)... play Skool Daze... (crkk)... Now!
That green stuff is leaking everywhere!!! The Reactor!
You're now facing the reactor. Very intense moment. (Morricone's harmonica)
Nuclear explosion - take 1.
Nuclear explosion - take 2.
Azimov was right... you cannot observe it because it's not an animated PNG... but Androids do indeed have emotions. It's out of control hysterical and dancing a berserker dance.
Success. Here's a carrot. Now do as I say and return base.
The Android succeeded returning to the base in time after destroying the Reactor.
Android using its shield.
Game Over.