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Activision Anthology (Android)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Activision Anthology Credits

Developed by Code Mystics Inc.

Project LeadJeff Vavasour
ProgrammingGeorge Phillips, Peter Phillips, Darren Schebek
ArtTony Rodriguez, Karen Matskiw
AudioChris Rezanson
Special ThanksIrene Vavasour, Zachary Vavasour

Activision Mobile

VP, MobileGreg Canessa
CTO, MobileKarthik Bala
Director, Mobile Planning and OperationsMark Vela


Executive ProducerJeremiah Maza
Senior ProducerJames Johnson
ProducerJason Livergood (JD)

Other Production

ProducerAlexandre Bortoluzzi
Associate ProducerPeter Cesario

Digital Distribution

Director, Digital DistributionJon Estanislao

Business and Legal Affairs

Senior Director, Business & Legal AffairsChristopher Cosby
Senior Director, LegalPhilip Terzian
Associate CounselKelly Schwarm
Clearance ParalegalChris Scaglione

Technical Requirements Group

Senior Director, Quality AssuranceChristopher D. Wilson
TRG ManagerJohn Rosser
TRG Submissions LeadDustin Carter
TRG Submissions TeamRichard Tom
TRG Senior Platform LeadSasan Helmi (Sauce)
TRG TestersLucas Goodman, Michael Laursen, Daniel Angers, Matthew B. Haugen

Customer Care

Senior Director, Customer CareTim Rondeau
Senior Manager, Service Design and SupportabilityPaul Boustany
Customer Experience Program ManagerChuck McNamee

Activision Mobile Special Thanks

Special ThanksAakash Ranavat, Alyssa Delhotal-Schofield, Amanda O'Keeffe, Amrita Ahuja, Bob Loya, Robert Kotick, Coddy Johnson, Dan Winters, David Stohl, Eddie Chan, Eric Hirshberg, Eunice Lee, Evalina Shin, Evan Sroka, George Hom, Gina Hope, Humam Sakhnini, Jason Posada, Jennifer Hendrickson, Kathy Mendoza Bricaud, Laird M. Malamed, Marcus Sanford, Mark Burmeister, Mark Washbrook, Nick Trutanic, Paul Kilburn, Ric Romero, Rodrigo Mora, Rose Clarke, Sheilah Brooks, Thomas Tippl
Special consideration provided byAtariAge

Activision Publishing Minneapolis

Executive Vice PresidentDavid Oxford
General ManagerDavid Oxford
Vice President of StudiosScott Bandy
Vice President of FinanceKurt Niederloh
Vice President of Sales StrategyJennifer Mirabelli
Vice President of MarketingLori Davis


Director of TechnologyChris Arends


Senior CounselMiri Frankel
Associate ParalegalTimothy Connolly


Director of MarketingVicharin Vadakan
Brand ManagerNicole Armstrong
Associate Brand ManagerPamela Caironi
Multimedia EditorKyle Kehrwald
Public RelationsSandbox Strategies

Functional Quality Assurance Team

Director, Quality AssuranceJason Wong
QA Project LeadDavid Fortin, Patrick Lacharité
QA Floor LeadChristian Giroux
QA TestersDaniel Girard, François Toupin, Jean-Philippe Bujold-Boutin, Julie Guay, Nicolas Ghislain, Rafaële Bolduc, William Émond-Paradis, Félix Arcand-Delisle
QA Lead Database AdministratorJean-François Le Houillier
QA Database SpecialistsGuillaume Rochat
QA ManagerAlbert Yao
QA DirectorMatthew McClure
QA IT LeadÉtienne Dubé
QA IT TechniciansHugo Roy, Nicolas M. Careau, Stéphane Elie
Admin TechnicianJosée Laboissonnière
HR ManagerAntoine Lépine

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (132970)