Bad Piggies Screenshots (Android)

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Android version

Game title (HD version)
Interactive main menu
Episode select screen (v. 1.2.0)
Level select screen
Intro - the piggies plan to get the eggs...
Intro - but the map is torn to pieces
Starting the game
A page from the tutorial
Ok, we've made a simple vehicle and the victory is ours
3 stars get
Elegant one-wheel solution
In bonus levels the pig is searching for its cap
Usually bonus levels are larger. Good you can zoom out.
Not all elements are necessary in this construction, but it's got a fancy rubber tire and an umbrella!
Gotta blow that TNT for a speed boost near the finish line
When pigs fly...
Don't worry your majesty, we'll reach the bottom of this in no time
Here we need to descend slowly choosing any route
That spring may help when I get to the ground
Flight in the night episode
It's one of those game where failure can be fun too
Will it fly?
The little piggy is scared. Well, it should be.
Sorry your majesty...
Road hogs is a collection of racing events
Racing against the timer
Sandbox levels
Sandbox lets you construct any monstrous vehicle using the unlocked parts
And put the monstrosity to the test while hunting for twenty star boxes
And blow it to pieces, of course!
Having fun in sandbox mode