Cut the Rope Credits


Game Developed byZeptoLab
Game Published byZeptoLab
Additional Game DesignNataliya Omelyanchuk
MusicAlexander Falinskiy
Sounds Alexander Falinskiy
Quality AssuranceUniversally Speaking, SPL
Special ThanksVladimir Agafonov, Maksim Chekmarev, Dmitry Chernenko, Alexander Danilov, Alexandra Dubovitskaya, Grigory Kireev, Victor Kuzmin, Louise Lazzari, Brandyn Rasmussen, Tiago Amorim Rocha, Andrey Vengersky, Barbos, Uliya Voinova, Elena Volk
(C) ZeptoLab UK Ltd.All rights reserved., ZeptoLab; Cut the Rope and Feed with Candy are trademarks of ZeptoLab
Legal SupportHughes Media Law Group

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