Cut the Rope Screenshots (Android)

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Android version

Title screen and menu (in Russian)
Options (in Russian)
Cardboard box - the beginning (in Russian)
Loading (in Russian)
Cut the rope tutorial (in Russian)
So that the little guy can have his candy
Swing those ropes to get all stars (in Russian)
All stars in the Cardboard box collected
Fabric box introduces those pesky spiders
Tap those wind-makers fast!
The spiders are gonna get that candy
Foil box. Beware of the electricity
Blow hard to protect that candy!
The magic box introduces hat portals.
Use those hats wisely!
It's tricky
Valentine's box (in Russian)
Valentine's box introduces halves of candy - like two loving hearts that need to come together
Ooops! This heart's forever alone, I guess
Gift box - turn that wheel to control the length of the rope (in Russian)
Slide the candy, avoid the electricity
The cosmic box introduces buttons that change gravity
Tricky blowing required
Tricky blowing coupled with that pesky spider
The yoy box introduces platforms that make the candy bounce (also note that my candy became a cake - street magic, my friend) (in Russian)
Like this
Bounce it baby in my mouth!
Super! (in Russian)
Tool box. You can turn these saws (in Russian)
Tricky saw-turning
Tricky hat-portal jumping and spike-avoiding required!
Buzz box - the bees move. It's alive! (in Russian)
More levels coming up! (in Russian)
Omnom's drawings
The game is now split into seasons
Third season box select screen
Yep, donate to get superpowers aka tap anywhere to insta-win.
DJ box gameplay
Spooky box gameplay
Steam box gameplay
Lantern box gameplay