Death Rally Credits

Android Version

ProducersPatric Ojala, Aki Järvilehto
ProgrammersVisa-Valtteri Pimiä, Manu Evans
ArtistJuho Jousmäki
Additional WritingMikko Rautalahti

Death Rally

Executive ProducerMarkus Mäki
ProducerKimmo Vihola
Lead DesignerTimo Vihola
Lead ProgrammersAntti Viljamaa, Jukka Viljamaa
Technical AdvisorKimmo Vihola
Additional ProgrammingTimo Wiren, Visa-Valtteri Pimiä
Lead ArtistHeikki Repo
Additional ArtJarno Kantelinen
Production AssistantJussi Niemelä
Sound DesignRichard Lapington, Peter Hajba
MusicPetri Alanko, Sound Reel
VoicesRay Chase (as Tex Harris), Arin Hanson (as John Gore), Fred Berman (as Barry Wheeler), Mike Doyle (as Mr. Emerson)
Physics ConsultingMatti Viljamaa
Franchise ManagementOskari Häkkinen
Creative AdvisorPetri Järvilehto
Remedy's Supporting CrewSaku Lehtinen, Peter Papadopoulos, Mikko Rautalahti, Mika Reini, Tuukka Taipalvesi
Sandbox StrategiesRob Fleisher, Bill Linn, Corey Wade, Edith Yang
Song 'Can You Hear Me'Performed by Poets of the Fall
Original Car RecordingsMax Lachmann (at
Thanks toThe Rovio Crew, The Gearbox Crew, The Nvidia Crew, The Qualcomm Crew, The Google Crew, The IMG Crew, P. J. Putnam, James Lee, Randall S. Pitchford II, George Broussard, Ilkka Paananen, Jari Komppa, Jouni Mannonen, all the enthusiastic testers, and all Death Rally fans out there!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (199918)