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DrawRace 2 (Android)

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DrawRace 2 Credits


Executive ProducerAtte Ilvessuo
ProgrammingPekka Sarkimo, Atte Ilvessuo, Antti Mattila, Terje Koskinen
SoundFXMatti Tuomela
Creative DirectorAntti Ilvessuo
Lead Graphics ArtistJyri Honkanen
GraphicsStanislav Erdesh, Jhoser Buitrago, Hayley Brant, Jussi Lehtiniemi
MarketingJason Bates, Jyri Paavilainen
TestingVille Veihola, Antti Szurawitzki, Kaisa Penttilä, Jaakko Lehikoinen, Anssi Perälä
MusicLevan Iordanishvili
Additional ThanksTero Virtala, Edward Rumley, Chris Spencer, Studio Kombo Oy, Derk Venneman, Karim Balaa, John Lloyd, Saku Jalkanen, Kieran Granger

Credits (Android version) - Redlynx Ltd

ProducerPekka Kupiainen
ProgrammingPekka Sarkimo

Credits (Android version) - Kuuasema Ltd

ProducerNiko Rintala
ProgrammingJohannes Heinonen, Pauli Meriläinen, Teemu Saukonoja

Credits (Android version)

World‑Wide QC DirectorRăzvan Rotunjianu
Quality Control ManagerPrashanth Kannan
Associate Quality Control ManagerRahul Khatal
Quality Control Lead TesterAbhay Mandhalkar
Quality Control TestersDebananda Charchi, Iqubal Momin, Mihir Parikh, Vijayendra Piparia

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